RCOSCM-2019 Research Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management And Faculty Development Program


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Over the years the thirst to achieve operational excellence has led Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management to set newer benchmark every year for propelling the pedagogy provided in this institution. In its ambitious mission to create techno business leaders, capable of excelling in the field of operations, the institution throws in a perfect milieu of good academic curriculum and industry interface for students to learn and grow as operations professionals. In that spirit, Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management is organizing the “Research Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management” which solely focuses on the broader aspect of operations and supply chain management. This conference aims to bring together management professionals from industry and academics, research scholars, students, business leaders and entrepreneurs. The main theme of this conference is “Data Analytics for Operations Excellence in Manufacturing & Services”. The conference intends to initiate discussions and create a platform to share knowledge and current trends in the field of Supply Chain Management and related topics like Risk Management, Global Business Operations, Procurement Management etc. Each are is of great importance to the current and possible future trends in Operations and Supply Chain Management. In a span of just two days (17th-18th Feb 2018) hundreds of research papers will be presented by people from across the globe, exploring potentials of this field in today’s world. It will be a great opportunity for everyone in broadening their horizon of knowledge by being a part of RCOSCM.


From The Director’s Desk

SIOM has always proven itself in the field of operations. It has evolved over years achieving laurels and recognitions for attaining operational excellence. SIOM, with a vision to lead in the field of operations has laid a strong foothold in academics especially through perseverance, adherent commitment and dedication. A way forward in this scenario is RCOSCM- Research conference on operations and supply chain management. This would serve a rostrum for students, research scholars, business leaders, management professional from industries and many academicians to share their views, ideas and insights on particular theme. The theme chosen for this discussion is “Data Analytics for Operations Excellence in Manufacturing & Services”. There are other areas put forth for discussion such as lean, agile manufacturing, procurement management etc., that will provide a comprehensive analysis of operations world. This would not only enable paper presentations, but also act as an estuary wherein young, vibrant innovators meet distinguished, imminent leaders from academics and business world. More than just a conference, it is a catalyst for pure and efficient knowledge transfer. For such an initiative which will serve a greater significance in chiseling a sustainable future, I cordially invite all for being a vital link in this supply chain network. Looking forward to a greater participation.

From The Convener’s Desk

RCOSCM’19 is the annual academic conference. This year we devised the theme of the meeting as “Data
Analytics for Operations Excellence in Manufacturing & Services.” Since its inception, SIOM strives to
inculcate the operations excellence amongst its students and industry participants. Operational
excellence means ensuring the value through each stage of the value cycle. It also provides optimal
value increase for the organization. The data analytics fits in every aspect of the operations. The
managerial decision making is driven by the data to call it as an informed decision. While arriving at the
informed decision, very large or small quantity of the data in the form of time frame, responses, or the
frequencies of the occurrences taken into account. Another thing that can be noted here is in today’s
context technology-oriented disruptions including IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Block
chain are supporting in making informed decisions. The leading organizations design their internal or
external interfaces and the processes to ensure the optimal utilization of the resources as it helps to
pursue the competitive advantage. The process to do so involve generating the data related to the
interfaces and the methods, transforming and modeling the data with the aim of discovering the
valuable relationships, deriving the conclusions and then substantiating the decision. Hence the
RCOSCM’19 is themed as data analytics in ensuring the operations excellence. I am sure that
participation in the conference shall provide excellent opportunities for researchers, practitioners, and
academicians as a unique platform to share their thoughts.


Mr. Surendra Kansara (Asst. Professor)



This is the third annual academic conference in a row at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management. This year the theme is “Data Analytics for Operations Excellence in Manufacturing and Services”. Technologies are playing crucial role in today’s businesses where demand for quality, low priced and on time delivery products are high. Therefore, there is a lot of data generation in the process, which has potential to leverage it towards achieving the high operational performance. Many manufacturers and service firms are investing in cloud, big data, and industrial internet of things capabilities. Additionally, data analytics capabilities can align multiple resources in an enterprise and asset performance can be enhanced along with other functions. Big data analytics helps firms from tackling the issues in product quality and defects tracking to the output forecasting. Hence this year the conference is themed around Data analytics for operations excellence. I am sure the participation and presetting the research in conference will highlight the excellent opportunities for researchers, practitioners and academicians a great platform to excel.


By understanding the effects of supply chain integration, visibility and information, the companies will be able to develop strategies that will enable them to overcome many problems.

A study by the A.T. Kearney management consulting company estimates that supply chain costs can represent more than 80% of the cost structure in a typical manufacturing company.

Research indicates that global market value of logistics has surpassed $4 trillion, which equates to 10% of global GDP.


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Contemporary Research Trends in Data Analytics

Manufacturing-operations analytics

Service operations analytics

Supply Chain modelling and analytics

Human Resources analytics

Sales and Distribution analytics

Predictive, Prescriptive and Descriptive analytics

Process analytics

Multi criteria decision making

IOT/Machine learning/ AI Block-chain analytics

Total Productive maintenance analytics

Financial analytics


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